Kanyon Project & Site Services

Alcor Facilities Management is pleased to announce the formation of Kanyon Project and Site Services.

Kanyon is the collaboration of industry-leading companies, Kitselas Development Corporation, wholly owned by the Kitselas First Nation, and Alcor Facilities Management. Kanyon was formed to broaden the traditional project and site services performed by First Nation businesses in the North Coast region of British Columbia with a primary focus on Kitimat, Terrace and Prince Rupert region.

Kanyon will pursue opportunities related to Oil & Gas as well as Forestry, Mining and many additional industries. Alcor is the managing partner for the scope to be performed by Kanyon and we look forward to working closely with the Kitselas on this exciting new venture.

The hiring focus for the Pacific Northwest Region will be local with additional opportunities for Alcor and Club personnel as the business grows.

About Kitselas and Alcor

The Kitselas First Nation created Kitselas Development Limited Partnership (KDLP) and Kitselas Forestry Limited Partnership (KFLP) as their independent economic development strategists to build partnerships for the betterment of the Kitselas Nation. Since 2013, both KDLP & KFLP have focused on the creation of joint ventures and partnerships in a variety of business areas to achieve our long-term goals, with Kanyon Project & Site Services being their latest accomplishment.

Alcor Facilities Management has been providing a broad range of project and site services since 1972. The formation of Kanyon continues to fulfill Alcor’s focus to work with First Nation businesses and create sustainable business ventures that benefit the local economy and the local indigenous people.

Kanyon Project & Site Services will be providing many of the same work scopes currently performed by Alcor & Club. When our clients need support for the broad range of project and site services they will require to successfully execute their projects, they can look to Kanyon as the “We Do That “company and benefit from the business experience and local knowledge that Kanyon has to offer.